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Seahawks Super Bowl Celebration Video in Seattle on February, 5th.


Would you trade in your iPhone for an iWatch? Find out why this Apple wearables mockup could be the real deal.


Would you trade in your iPhone for an iWatch? Find out why this Apple wearables mockup could be the real deal.


Gregg Keizer:

By NPD’s tallies, Chromebooks accounted for 21% of all U.S. commercial notebook sales in 2013 through November, and 10% of all computers and tablets. Both shares were up massively from 2012; last year, Chromebooks accounted for an almost-invisible two-tenths of one percent of all computer and tablet sales.

Stephen Baker of NPD pointed out what others had said previously: Chromebooks have capitalized on Microsoft’s stumble with Windows 8. “Tepid Windows PC sales allowed brands with a focus on alternative form factors or operating systems, like Apple and Samsung, to capture significant share of a market traditionally dominated by Windows devices,” Baker said in a Monday statement.

Part of the attraction of Chromebooks is their low prices: The systems forgo high-resolution displays, rely on inexpensive graphics chipsets, include paltry amounts of RAM — often just 2GB — and get by with little local storage. And their operating system, Chrome OS, doesn’t cost computer makers a dime.

Even more remarkable: two Chromebooks, one by Samsung and one by Acer, are the two best-selling laptops on all of Amazon (and a second Acer model is #5).

It perhaps took a bit longer than originally anticipated, but The Microsoft Squeeze is now being fully applied.

Apple goes for the heart…again.

A unique and exclusive look behind the scenes prior to the original iPhone unveiling in 2007.

My new crush: Vevo on Apple TV


Think of Pandora…but music videos.  That is what Vevo is. Better yet it is on Apple TV.  I often find myself wanting background music, but also want to have the TV on. Vevo is a great solution for this. The service allows you to choose a genre or even customize a playlist for music videos.  Its interface via Apple TV is slick and is perfect for entertaining company. Plus there are no annoying ads (Only thing I’ve seen are 5 second promotions for artists that have new music out. These only seem to play about every 5 songs)

Vevo has existed prior to its debut on Apple TV, but in my case the medium became key in the discovery.  (You can interact with their website and mobile apps, but I’ve found they have more intrusive commercials on those mediums)

I’m looking forward to continuing the use of this service in the future. The only question I have is why MTV didn’t come out with this first? They used to own this space.

We believe that technology is at it’s very best, at its most empowering when it simply disappears.
Jony Ive 9.10.13
Why I won’t be buying gas from Safeway anymore

I have purchased gas on a consistent basis from Safeway for just under a decade. I have historically chosen them to do business with because their competitive prices. 

Just this weekend during a road trip I pulled off the freeway to fill-up. I intended on going to a Chevron station because it was the closest, but quickly noticed the Safeway gas station was more competitively priced and just a few stores down. I pulled up to the pump at Safeway and filled-up. When finished I did a double take on the per gallon pricing. The gas was advertised on large digital sign for $4.17, but when I was done pumping it was $4.27 — $.10 more expensive. 

I went inside to understand why there was a price difference and ultimately get a refund for the difference in price (no, not because I’m cheap, but on principle). The attendant explained to me that the lower price was if a customer paid with cash or debit card, and I was charged more because I paid with a credit card. Oh…I must’ve missed the (unclear) mention of this on the sign much further below the pricing, which I would argue does a poor job of relating the two (see picture below).

Through my discussions with a combination of the rep at the station and a customer service rep on the phone that I called I now understand that this is Safeway’s new policy to charge more for credit cards when paying for gas. For some reason the thousands of other products they sell they’re still charging the same price (just the gas is a different price). 

I wonder how many people they’re going to trick with this bait and switch tactic. Not me…anymore! 

Billboard sign (the lure w/false advertising)

The higher price (the bait and switch)

Advice to Safeway: This is dishonest and false advertising. Change your digital sign pricing to whatever they are going to be at the pump when paying with a credit card (the modern day currency). Turn this into a positive — bonus people with a $.10 bonus/discount if they pay with their debit card or cash. Until then I’ll be bringing my business elsewhere.

"Here’s To The Crazy Ones." (It never gets old)